Wednesday, February 1, 2012

Question via Jeffery Weir:

I was browsing through your shop and noticed you know how to display your items and do well on etsy, I was wondering if you could take a peek at my shop give me advice seeing as I'm new to the website... it would be extremely appreciated.


Hi there,

Thanks for stopping by the shop! Also, thank you for the kind words in regards to our setup, it's nice that faces have made notice of our hard work! We have not been on etsy much longer than you, but we would be happy to share our experience, and offer any recommendations that we can.

 We found this etsy blog post very helpful:

Check out your shop stats VERY OFTEN. This helps tell where your traffic is coming from, and in addition etsy offers 'search ads' at an added cost, but worth it. We would also mention it's helpful to think of yourself as a customer, asking yourself: what angles pictures are most helpful and/or visually pleasing, and don't be afraid to rotate your photos every so often. Have you thought of creating your own business cards? has great starter set templates for cheap :)

Also, if you are into the blog idea... We created a blog for our shop, as well as personal blog where we offer discounts and updated posts on new listings etc. It's always a great idea to push the self-promotion button, it's really the only way to put ourselves out there, especially maintaining an etsy shop successfully :)    **(or, even a Facebook page would work)**

Simply being a customer also helps or even commenting on etsy blog posts and treasury lists. We would also suggest creating your won treasury lists - all these things will bring traffic immediately to your shop!

I hope this helps!


Sara & Craig

RobbinTheHood Vintage

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