Saturday, March 31, 2012

 Lovely Vintage Inspired Home Decor: Poetically Photographed

I love the mix and match quality of this home. Everything has a place. a home. 
There is intention with placement. a love. well that, and I'm a sucker for
 simple wood design and a kitchen aid!

 Photo via ApartmentTherapy

Weekend Obsessions
Photo via LittleSapplingToys

Photo via JordanGrace

Photo via Unconsumption

Photo via Beller

Photo via JeanieJeanie

Photo Via VedgeCandle

1)  Handmade Alphabet Blocks made in Wisconsin  2) Custom Made Paper Dolls  3) Gardening in a Wagon Wheel   4)100% Returned Norwegian Wood Home Decorative Pieces 5) Make a Paper Town for Your Little Ones out of Cardboard  6) Soy Candle Set made in reusable WECK JARS. 

Wednesday, March 28, 2012

Use the coupon code: MARCHMADNESS  and receive 30% off your purchase!
Active Deal from NOW until Saturday March 31st.

*In the NOTES section when you make your purchase mention the blog and I’ll add a treat to your package*
This Week's: Handmade Haven

Featuring prunellasoap!
This lady goes by the name of Janell and she has my back for LIFE ;)
No lie, this soap is fantastic. Handmade. Vegan. Organic. 
The only way it could be better is if I could eat it! BUT IT IS socially acceptable in this case to dance ridiculously and rub it all over your body!

Photo via prunellasoap

Currently she has a SALE on my favorite Sample Size Soaps, so you all should get your booty.right.on.over to her adorable Etsy shop and stock up!

Photo via prunellasoap

Here is a listing of the current soap scents available:

peppermint + poppy-seed
rosemary + peppermint + lavender
lavender + vanilla + oatmeal + mint
stump-town. coffee + coffee bean (unscented)
pink grapefruit + lemongrass
blood orange + ginger
spearmint + tea tree
pink grapefruit + oatmeal
sweet orange + cornmeal
cinnamon orange + chamomile
peppermint + vanilla
cinnamon + walnut
ginger + red rooibos tea
tea tree + lime
lavender on the rocks (lavender only)
cinnamon + coffee bean
Oregon hops + white grapefruit

I have a soft spot for the italicized scents, BUT I am a sucker for this grab bag of samples for many reasons. Primarily due to the fact that we have close to ZERO ventilation in our bathroom, other than a fan. No windows = a HIGHER risk of MOLD and consequently: slimy soap. Between the Cowboy and I we go through ONE sample size bar just about every 2 showers.
Use the discount code for an additional 10% off your purchase: ROCKSTAR.
ENJOY! xo.

Sunday, March 25, 2012

Weekend Obsessions

Photo via Ship&Anchor

Photo via Holly Senn

 1) Walnut Handcrafted Headboard  2) Book Art by Holly Senn  
3) Dresser Converted Succulent Planter  4) Tree Trunk Tables

Saturday, March 17, 2012

Weekend Obsessions

Photo courtesy of thrillist

Photo courtesy of fine&feathered

Photo courtesy of 42Things

Courtesy of Scissors+Thread

1. Bamboo Sunglasses 2. DIY Wood Grain Wrap 3. Upcycled Map Envelopes  4.  Handmade Collars

Tuesday, March 13, 2012

Fun Facts Tuesday:
What's the Germiest Object in Your House?

a) Kitchen Sponge
b) Toothbrush Holder
c) Pet's Water Bowl

Extrapolated from EatingWell Magazine

The Kitchen Sponge harbors 150 times more bacteria, mold and yeast than the Toothbrush Holder! (Fortunately, the majority of which will not make you sick).

**TIP: The best way to de-germ your sponge is to microwave your wet sponge for 2 minutes everyday, and replace it every 2 weeks**