Wednesday, March 28, 2012

This Week's: Handmade Haven

Featuring prunellasoap!
This lady goes by the name of Janell and she has my back for LIFE ;)
No lie, this soap is fantastic. Handmade. Vegan. Organic. 
The only way it could be better is if I could eat it! BUT IT IS socially acceptable in this case to dance ridiculously and rub it all over your body!

Photo via prunellasoap

Currently she has a SALE on my favorite Sample Size Soaps, so you all should get your booty.right.on.over to her adorable Etsy shop and stock up!

Photo via prunellasoap

Here is a listing of the current soap scents available:

peppermint + poppy-seed
rosemary + peppermint + lavender
lavender + vanilla + oatmeal + mint
stump-town. coffee + coffee bean (unscented)
pink grapefruit + lemongrass
blood orange + ginger
spearmint + tea tree
pink grapefruit + oatmeal
sweet orange + cornmeal
cinnamon orange + chamomile
peppermint + vanilla
cinnamon + walnut
ginger + red rooibos tea
tea tree + lime
lavender on the rocks (lavender only)
cinnamon + coffee bean
Oregon hops + white grapefruit

I have a soft spot for the italicized scents, BUT I am a sucker for this grab bag of samples for many reasons. Primarily due to the fact that we have close to ZERO ventilation in our bathroom, other than a fan. No windows = a HIGHER risk of MOLD and consequently: slimy soap. Between the Cowboy and I we go through ONE sample size bar just about every 2 showers.
Use the discount code for an additional 10% off your purchase: ROCKSTAR.
ENJOY! xo.

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