Sunday, April 15, 2012

Green Tips Without Breaking The Bank: 
2nd Edition!
Photo via Fishs Eddy

  Save your glass bottles and jars. 
 FYI: Many local coffee shops are offering the choice of glass bottles  
or jars instead of paper. Just ask. 
Craig & I save ALL glass in our home, either to recycle, canning or preserves, 
or great storage for leftovers. They can also be used to store
your: Spices, Flour, Sugar, Tea & Coffee. We use mason jars for everything from 
drinking glasses to soup containers, vases for flowers,
or pop a lid on and take a 
glass of water for the car ride or on a hike!

Check out Fishs Eddy for a variety of their own designs 
as well as: Weck, or Ball glass storage  :)
Glass storage is not only better for our environment but cheaper than 
the monthly purchase of plastic bags/wrap for strorage and leftovers.  
Added Bonus: SUPER CUTE accessories to add to your kitchen!

Make your own Cleaning Products: minus the icky toxins. 
Let's face it, we all know how much money we end up spending on high quality
cleaners with the abrasive, smelly, and unsafe unnecessary toxins. I have been
on the hunt for easier and safer products, but even then I am paying an
extra 5-10-15 bucks for the fancy words: organic, all natural, & family and pet safe.
 I didn't want to run to the grocery store every other week for yet - ANOTHER bottle.
So here are some recipes I have come across thus far, and as I start
personally trying them out I'll let you know my verdict in regards to pros and cons.

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A friend of mine gave this book as a gift just as I was leaving for Switzerland 
to be a nanny after I finished college - AND BOY did it come in handy! 
Let's just say my copy has become a handbook for healthy living in this house,  
everything from homemade cleaners to how to get out a stain, air out your bedding
and everything you'll ever need to Macgyver your home!

Check out Jam Hands  easy lemon and vinegar recipe.
OR use eartheasy's tips. Or Design Sponge has a great tutorial here.
**Also, when cleaning windows and mirrors 
utilize that stack of Newspaper in your recycle bin instead of paper towels - more 
environmentally conscious, plus Newspaper leaves no residue and is streak free!

Any other homemade cleaning ideas you can share? :)

Recycle scrap paper, bills, receipts etc. to make 
your own paper. Or, shred it and use it as a box 
filler for  packages you send by mail.

What's in your toilet Paper?  
Check out this new toilet paper without rolls!
Or just look for a high quantity of recycled content.

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Keep plants in your home for better air circulation. Start simple & work your way up!
Ivy is a great plant for the gal without a green thumb! 
Also, air plants have a short life span and need very little care. 
& Succulents are always a stunning option too!

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 Photo via toHOLD

Photo via SucculantOasis

Please feel free to share your GREEN ideas with us! Leave comments below or contact us via email:  :) We look forward to your thoughts! xo.

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