Monday, July 16, 2012

This Week's Handmade Haven: 
Photo via SlimTimber

 I bought this wallet in Walnut for Craig this year for his 27th birthday. He had been complaining about the weight of his wallet in his back pocket and I was reminded of my father's back issues (and he's not even 50 yet!) So far, it has encouraged Craig to use his front and/or cargo pockets. It comes with a small leather strap with a magnet for closure. 
I think it's very classy. What do you think?

Photo via SlimTimber 

Photos via SlimTimber 

SlimTimber is a creative couple based out of Boise, Idaho.  
All of the wood used in their wallets is hand selected.
Each wood wallet is handmade in their shop and undergoes a 
personal inspection for quality before it is shipped.  

**Items will ship AT LEAST 2 weeks after your order is placed**

We were very pleased with this handmade (wooden) product, and we love supporting creative artists who put the time, care, and craftsmanship into their art. Thank you SlimTimber!

Have questions, please share!

Sara & Craig

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