Sunday, August 12, 2012

Weekend Obsessions: Book Arts Edition

One thing you need to know about us is how obsessed we are with books. art. paper. and words. Craig and I recently counted over 575 books in our collection! So this weekend's obsessions are in honor of the printed word, and in celebration of the natural process of REUSE. Enjoy.

Photo & Artist:
Book Arts Project entitled: Telesm Series

Photo & Artist: Sopi Su
Book Arts Project entitled: The Imperfections

Photo & Artist Via: Odelae
Book Art sold by Odelae

Photo & Artist: Miriam Londono
Book Art catching metaphors with fragile nets

1)  Telesm Series: a paper project   2)  The Imperfections: Sentences made out of cards  
3)  Hand-stiched and bound Oyster Shell   4)  Miriam Londono's language nets

How many books do you have in your collection? Are books a large part of your home? Do you read to your children? Do you re-purpose books yourself? Please share your thoughts with us  :)